About Us

Meet the super-geniuses behind Improv LEAP!

  • Photo courtesy of The Bovine Metropolis Theater
    Joshua Kirk, MA
    The Extraverted Owner and Improv Guru

    Joshua Kirk’s pioneering work in improv has been touching lives since 1995. He has facilitated life and leadership advancement for companies and individuals from coast to coast, enhancing corporate cultures and relationships across the U.S. through the experiential art of improv. Joshua co-founded Improv LEAP with Erica Teel. They provide companies with the power to unleash the principles of improv. Joshua is nationally known for providing innovative improv experiences and workshops. He has transformed corporate cultures, church communities, and school programs that have changed the lives of students in every grade (K- Grad) and age (5-85).

    Joshua has worked as a Teaching Artist throughout the US, leading classes and corporate workshops. He has built and lead three youth theater programs. He is also an award winning director, and has directed over 28 fully staged youth musicals. Joshua’s philosophy explores using improv to guide others toward creating “group mind through the art of connecting.” His work helps participants discover the connection between improv, each other, and life. Joshua received a Masters Degree in Theater Education from the University of Northern Colorado. He also has a passion for giving back beyond the stage and serves as a state certified Emergency Medical Responder with Alpine Rescue Team, a volunteer search and rescue team serving Denver’s front range.

    Photo courtesy of The Bovine Metropolis Theater

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    Erica Teel
    Improv LEAP, Co-Founder

    Erica Teel’s expertise in improv has been honed since 2005 from studying with the likes of Alan Arkin, Susan Messing, Mark Beltzman, Dave Razowsky, Eric Farone and other acclaimed leaders in improv. Erica’s work with numerous organizations across the country has greatly expanded perceptions of what is possible through the power of improv. She is the co-founder of Improv LEAP with Joshua Kirk. Erica provides transformational improv trainings and hands-on classes that impart shifts in personal, corporate, and business culture. Erica has presented and facilitated large groups in conventions and business events nationally and is deeply committed to facilitating the discovery and expression of the immense creative potential within every person. Her unique sensitivity to others provides the ability to make every person feel welcome and included in any class, workshop, and training. Erica possesses a rich background in personal development work and brings this expertise to her professional business team-building facilitation. Erica is passionate about using the power of improvisational comedy as a vehicle for innovative personal and organizational empowerment.

Our Mission:

...to use the principles of improv to enhance lives and teams.

Our Goal:

…to assist corporations, schools, and individuals in creating conscious communication and connection by inspiring leaders and teams to:

  • Be others-focused for greater empathy and collaboration.  
  • Be more aware of personal communication dynamics.  
  • Reframe failure and mistakes to seize opportunities.  
  • Gain flexibility and discover a possibility mindset.
  • Use “Yes, and…” communication tools.
  • Engage in the present moment.
  • Listen to learn.
  • Have fun!
Improv LEAP Performances
See Joshua and Erica perform onstage!
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    Improv LEAP will keep you informed when dates have been set for upcoming performances so that you can, once again, "Enjoy Joshua and Erica as they do what they love – perform improv! Long-form, short-form – they delight in it all! Witness as they take audience suggestions and create something out of nothing right before your (and THEIR) very eyes! Bring your friends – make it a night! Content appropriate for ages 10 to 100!"

Curious what the dynamic duo look like playing onstage?

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