Gifts of Improv

Gifts of Improv focuses on life principles in relationship to improv through participating in fun, easy-going improv games & exercises. Students enhance their life experience AND learn improv skills at the same time!

Erica creates a safe and inviting environment

in every class!

  • Get ready to have the time of your life!
  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Bring a pen & small notepad
  • All classes are 4 sessions
  • Class size limited to 12 students

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    Erica Teel, Gifts of Improv facilitator

Gifts of Improv I For beginners or a refresher class!

We go over the basics and discover what makes improv work well. Hint: they are the same principles that make life work well! This class is a ton of fun and a whole lot easier than you may think! We mostly play group games, keeping it simple, user-friendly, and welcoming!

SOLD OUT!!! Watch for 2022 dates!

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Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM

November 10, 17, 24 and December 1, 2021

Full Moon Bookstore

9016 West 6th Ave

Lakewood, CO 80215


* Your paid registration secures your spot!

Mask requirements are up to date and in accourdance with Jefferson County, CO. At this time, masks are NOT rquired. I leave it up to each individual to wear a mask or not. I will keep students up to date with any changes to the current requirements. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Gifts of Improv II A next step beginner level or refresher opportunity!

Continuing with the basics, we discover even more life lessons improv has to offer! We play fun games that facilitate additional insights to the correlation between everyday life and improv. These give a solid foundation to anyone wanting to be more present, connected, and spontaneous in life on OR off the stage. We play more group games that sprinkle in a bit more challenge. I'll get you good and ready for them. They are easy going, fun, AND powerful. Get your FUN on!

Great as a refresher class, too!

SOLD OUT!!! Watch for 2022 dates!

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 PM

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 2021

Full Moon Bookstore

9016 West 6th Ave

Lakewood, CO 80215


* Your paid registration secures your spot!

Gifts of Improv III
Games, Games, Games!!!

With Gifts of Improv I & II in your personal toolkit, we now experiment with tons more games, moving from group exercises gradually into some one on one play. Don't worry - I am there to facilitate and guide everyone through them. You will love them! Ramping it up just a notch, we see how rewarding living and playing in the present moment, not worrying about mistakes, and having real fun can truly be!

It. Is. Liberating!

Prerequisite: Gifts of Improv I, II or some previous improv experice.

Watch for 2022 dates!!!

Full Moon Bookstore

9016 West 6th Ave

Lakewood, CO 80215


* Your paid registration secures your spot!

Gifts of Improv assists in ...

  • Having and Creating more FUN!
  • Learning to "Yes, and..." situations!
  • Giving and Receiving in your Relationships!
  • Dealing with the Unexpected!
  • Reframing Failure!
  • Improving Communication Skills!
  • Realizing improv is not that difficult!

Good to know ...

  • You do not have to be funny!
  • We leave judgement at the door!
  • You can take these lessons to the stage - or not! You benefit either way!
  • Perfect for Beginners!
  • You do NOT have to be an extravert! (Erica is not!)

Registration closes when the class reaches capacity

or 2 days before class begins.

Students ages 18+ welcome.

*Due to limited class size, high demand, and the vulnerability factor, Improv LEAP does not offer refunds. You'll be fine :)


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    Thursday Night Improv!with Joshua Kirk
    Watch for 2022 dates!
  • Class Description:

    Join the fun every Thursday! This ongoing weekly program follows Improv LEAP’s multi-leveled curriculum and allows space for personal conversation and exploration. Joshua’s individually-focused pedagogy connects each student to their next discovery. Advanced students benefit greatly from his one-on-one group style coaching, while beginners will enjoy playing in a new and safe context while being challenged to take their next steps. All students will learn how to incorporate improv skills, onstage and off!


    • Grow! Discover how the dynamic principles of improv apply to life, relationships, acting, auditions, presentations, and more!
    • Get out and connect! Improv is a perfect activity to share with friends, family, and even coworkers!
    • Learn! Enjoy the graduated schedule which creates a tailored experience for all skill levels and areas of interest. Beginners enjoy a friendly, encouraging, safe space to start their exploration, while veteran improvisers and performers will enjoy the advanced scene work opportunities provided later in the evening!


    Thursdays, 6:00-9:00 PM

    6:00 Connection: Group warm ups and games

    6:15 Enrichment: Principles of Improv

    7:15 Lifework: Group discussion

    7:25 Break (a perfect time to arrive or depart)

    7:30 Essentials: Performance skills

    8:30 Play: Open Play time!

    9:00 Break: Good night! (optional overtime)


    Autopay will charge your credit card the $125 subscription each 4-weeks. You may cancel at any time. One time, introductory, visitor drop-in rate is $40 for the evening and $20 for a half evening. Guests are invited to watch the 8:30 PM Open Play for free!

  • IL Frolicle smile.jpg
    Accents for the Stage

    Class Description:

    Accents for the Stage is a 4-hour intensive focused on bringing actors’ awareness to their personal vocalization, identifying the shapes of spoken sounds by listening to others, and integrating new phonation into scenes. Our fun and interactive format will allow students to listen, learn, and try on new dialects in a relaxed group atmosphere.

    Faciliator Bio:

    Joshua Kirk has been a theatre skills instructor since 1996 and has taught in the Denver area since 2002. He is an award winning youth theater director. While directing his 26th fully stage youth musical, Oliver, almost 80 cast members performed three different British dialects! Joshua gained his Masters in Theater Education from UNC in 2017. His infectious excitement and passion for accents and dialects is evident in his class facilitation.

    Watch for 2022 dates!


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