• Across the board, our inter-departmental workshop with Improv LEAP truly exceeded our expectations!  Through simple, playful, seemingly unrelated group games, we gained powerful new communication awareness and tools that we continue to use daily.  We learned to identify and implement so many communication improvements within the company, with our customers and even within our personal relationships.  Erica and Joshua created an enthusiastic, accepting and expectation-free environment where everyone was comfortable and able to fully participate.  It was a great team building experience and, without reservation, we highly recommend any opportunity you have to work with Improv LEAP!

    Leslie Hall
    Western Mechanical Solutions
  • If you are looking for a fun, connecting, innovative and power-filled event, the team at Improv LEAP is a high-value resource. My clients are executive teams and other organizational leaders, and they both enjoy and benefit from the sessions we do with Improv LEAP. The outcomes are tangible, applicable, and in our experience, lasting. I cannot recommend Erica & Joshua enough!

    Kathy Young, President
    Carlson/Young, Inc.
  • This was a fun and powerful experience! Erica helped bring our large team together and solidify concepts around trust, interdependence, and vulnerability - just what we had been discussing in the meeting prior. All of the games had surprisingly deep takeaways. We want more! Thank you!

    Sarah Belleau, Director of Integrated Services
    Poudre Valley School District


  • I honestly had no idea improv could change lives! It has transformed mine and I have Erica and Joshua to thank. These 6 weeks have been incredibly eye-opening and I am very grateful. Thanks for the life lessons in this awesome and fun class! You guys rock!

    Kimora Chanel Writer
    Meisner Acting Student
  • I have been a public speaker for over 40 years and sales manager for more than 25. Finding creative ways to present material in a way that makes it stick in the brain has always been a challenge. You gave me some new ideas. Saturday was fun!

    Denise O’Malley
    Owner of You Define Wellness!, O’Malley & Associates, LLC
  • If you are like me, funny, crazy, and gregarious at home AND hold yourself back in public - take a class by Improv LEAP!

    Kevin Ruble
    Owner of Caboose


  • It was a very thought-provoking process and invited inspirational reflection and creativity. I loved how the process enabled us to think as an ensemble; even with three new people on the Board. Wow! Thanks for stretching us, Erica and Joshua! I had no idea what I was walking into today.

    Harlan Howard
    Front Range BOCES Executive/Program Director, Boulder Valley School District
  • Joshua and Erica were VERY well received by the students and they were very easy to work with.  My students loved the games we played and learned lessons while they were playing. Even the most shy girl participated and had a great time.  In ensuing classes, they asked to play some of the games again. We have incorporated several ideas into our classroom activities. The gifts keep giving!

    Marvel Dow
    Vocal Music/Theater Arts Teacher
  • Improv LEAP provided our students and staff with an opportunity to learn valuable life and work readiness skills through fun and engaging activities.  Joshua is a master facilitator and we loved working with him.  He motivated students who were typically very unmotivated, he challenged participants to be aware of their inner possibilities, and he treated everyone with great respect.  I realized that it doesn't matter if you are shy or outgoing, you can not do improv wrong!  We had a blast with this class and I highly recommend it.

    Janet Patton
    Brady High School, Assistant to the Principal

“I had a great time and have already recommended it! …The techniques we practiced not only relieve the emotional/stress component—they’re fun. They also taught me something about myself, how to better regulate emotions and keep the game moving ahead. Both of which are incredibly useful. "


“Thanks for putting on one of the best CLE’s I’ve attended! For some reason, I had become less interested in developing new relationships in the last few years—both professionally and friendship wise."


“I have decided to open my mind not only to myself but to the people around me. How could I have not seen this application for myself and my business before this moment? I don’t know the answer. But I see it now and can take this forward in my life.”

Lenn Oris
Investment Consultant

"I had no idea this training could be so fun and powerful! We were all a little nervous before we got started. Improv in the workplace? Well, it was amazing! Joshua and Erica set the tone early on, and we were off and running. The lessons we learned bonded us in a way no other training had done before. We are using what we learned in the workshop every day. We want you to come back!"  

Les H.
Business Executive

“Joshua and Erica were very easy to work with…They were VERY well received by the students.  They loved the games we played and learned while they were playing…even the most shy girl participated and had a great time.  In ensuing classes, they asked to play some of the games again…We have incorporated several ideas into our activities. "

Marvel Dow
Vocal Music/Theater Arts, Summit Ridge Middle School

“I took the class because I decided that I needed to engage in a creative activity that was out of my box. I also wanted to meet new people and have fun! Some takeaways for me: Using Yes, and… And how much that simple shift could open up possibilities in my communications with others. Being in the moment is the best place to be for creativity and simplicity."

Cris R.
Improv student

“I am SO grateful to have had this opportunity and experience and will carry the lessons with me always.  You two are amazing facilitators and coaches and I just can’t say enough about that."  

Mylie A.
Improv student

“I had a really fun time, made some new friends, and got some amazing insights into my life, all in a 2-hour Play Shop! Joshua and Erica are fun, skilled and welcoming teachers!”  

Jay S.
Improv student

“It was easy to join in & have fun. I applied the lessons to my relationships outside of class. I am now a more present partner, parent, friend and coworker. AND my life is more fun! I may even want to perform someday!” 

Cam R.
Improv student

“I now LISTEN and HEAR my clients and RESPOND accordingly. It has made a world of difference! I can’t thank Joshua and Erica enough!” 

Sal S.
Improv student, Small Business Owner

"We engaged Joshua for a half day team building that was fun, engaging and thought-provoking. Light bulb moments create a new neural pathway and our team had many of them! We know the training will stick. One of our employees who had worked for a corporation said it was the best training she'd ever attended. "

Gail Doby
CEO, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting

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