You are improvised!

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Each program we offer emphasizes how improv can positively enhance life experiences. Whether you are an individual seeking self-awareness or a business looking to innovate its work culture, Improv LEAP brings forth transformative insights and changes! These experiential opportunities evolve within an environment of acceptance, discovery, and fun empowering participants to:

  • Listen Actively.
  • Be in the Present Moment.
  • Gain Freedom from Fear.
  • Make Deeper Connections.
  • Cultivate Collaborative Creativity.
  • Enhance Communication Skills.
  • Experience Fresh Perspectives on Fun.


Our introduction to improv classes are a great first step into the world of improv! Through fun theater games, participants quickly discover the principles that make improv work are the same principles that make life work. This profound awareness has the potential to elevate one’s experiences and relationships at home, work, and play!

  • Adult improv classes.
  • Teen improv classes.
  • Individuals and couples.


Whether you are an accomplished actor or simply interested in living a more engaged life, Improv LEAP can help! We utilize playful exercises to unlock key principles of improvisational theater. Apply your personal discoveries to the stage as well as everyday life. Create transformational possibilities through reflective learning AND have fun in the process!

  • Actors: Bring more authenticity and depth to your craft.
  • Improvisers: Advance your improv with premier workshops and expert coaching.
  • Introverts: Improve confidence, communication and the courage to be yourself. 
  • Families: The family that plays together… has more fun and understands one another together!
  • Specialty: (Accents and Dialects, Movement, Vocal Production) Bring more believability and diversity to your characters.
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Career Enhancement

Improv LEAP brings the fun and practical use of improv theater to your business and life. Discover how truly transformational this amazing work can be, not only in the corporate setting, but in daily life as well! It’s creativity at the speed of fun for your entire office!

  • Speakers: Develop confidence, fluidity, and the ability to handle the unexpected.
  • Teachers and Coaches: Transform your presentation skills to engage students and clients.
  • Sales: Uplevel your influence to close more deals.
  • Customize and co-create classes.

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